Active Server Flash Standard

Create Web Server Side SWF Flash from ASP VBScript

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response.Buffer = true
response.CacheControl = "no-chache"

' Create flash movie object
set Movie = Server.CreateObject("eMarkASF.Movie")

' Set the stage size and background-color of flash movie
    Movie.SetSize 600, 229
    Movie.SetBackgroundColorEx "white"

' Create flash object
set obj1 = Server.CreateObject("eMarkASF.FlashObject")
' Add the jpg to flash movie at wanted frame and position
for i=0 to 24
    movie.GotoFrame i
    movie.RemoveObject obj1
    obj1.CreateBitmap 50,0, 235 + 50 , 229, i*10, 229, Server.MapPath("..") & "\php\sample9.jpg"
    movie.AddObject obj1

' Use a color object
set color = Server.CreateObject("eMarkASF.Color")
    color.ColorString = "black"
    color.Alpha = 20

' Add color text
    obj1.CreateText "Active Server Flash", 308,210,30,"arial black"
    obj1.SolidFillColor = color
    movie.AddObject obj1
' Make the text animating
for i=25 to 62
    movie.GotoFrame i
    movie.RemoveObject obj1
    color.Alpha = i*4
    obj1.SolidFillColor = color
    obj1.Translate 308,300-i*4
    movie.AddObject obj1
    ' Output the swf binary data to browser directly
    response.contentType = "application/x-shockwave-flash"
    response.binarywrite Movie.Content

    ' Free all object

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