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Version: Developer Edition 1.50


Do you need some server side data visualization component in Macromedia Flash(swf) format? Do you want your web visitors to create a special, interactive, custom Flash animation from your Microsoft ASP/PHP scripts? Or use Flash custom charts to show your own professional data from database? Try Active Server Flash to create dynamic content flash animation, which provides a stage by the size you specified, and you can draw any shape by server side scripts with your complex data through a series of COM-based interface.

You can create a swf flash animation on server side from your ASP/PHP scripts with a series of objects, methods, properties, the swf animation may be an ad banner with multiple content linking to multi customers' URLs, that means you can put more than one ad banner at same time and same position, or, the flash movie may be a full custom animated charts not only standard "line", "bar", "pie" charts for data visualization with your complex, professional, special industrial data. With the easy-to-use COM interface ASF could be applied in more technosphere.

This PHP/ASP component has not database interface, you can connect any data source such as XML, excel, access, ms sql, mysql, oracle through your scripts or programming language for graphing and charting the full custom charts.

Key Features:

  • Fast, Flexible, Easy to Use, ASF is a Flash charting and graphing component for web servers and for embedding in applications.
  • By supporting UTF8 (Unicode) text strings, ASF can draw flash movie stage with characters from multiple languages.
  • Supporting save to file or response flash binarydata from server to browser directly.
  • Browser friendly: Server side dll, no Java or Active-X controls are required(except Macromedia flash player).
  • Providing you flexibility to draw the movie stage as will.
  • Full custom data visualization.

Programing Language: ASP/PHP/COM/Delphi/Visual Basic/VBScript/JScript/C/C++/VS.Net(C#)

Support Platforms: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT

ASF Objects:

Action: Defines a specific action to be performed by the Flash player.
Color: Defines a RGBA color, except alpha RGB color, also color name and HTML color.
FlashObject: Defines a flash object for graphing a shape, or adding sound, button.
Movie: Define a flash movie. A flash movie contains one or more frames which are to be played in order.

Online Support:

Click here to enter the support forum of Active Server Flash, no register needed. Any questions are welcome.


Click here to view ASP vbscript source code for this flash movie.

More ASP/PHP server side flash example source code.

Read Flash Swf Specification.


This flash software is new released first time, your supports is very important to us. For improving this flash software, if any problems, bugs, defects, please tell us, thank you very much.

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    Use ASP Flash Software Component to Create Server Side Swf Presentation

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